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Image of the front seat of the Change 'N Latitude's SeeVee 370z Fishing Charter Boat

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SeaVee 370z

Length / Weight



This SeaVee is a center console vessel that includes a tower, fold-out seating, and 20% more deck space and storage capacity than any boat in its class.

The design of this 370z has the capability of getting on a plane at low speeds and provides a comfortable ride, even through the roughest seas. It is also built with triple engines for added performance to get you to the fishing spots faster.

Some of the fishing features include a spotting tower to help our captain find fish at a distance, plenty of live wells, rod storage, and the electronics to find precise destinations in mind.

Safety Onboard

Change ‘N Latitude will do everything possible to keep you safe. In the case of emergencies, we are equipped with all items necessary to be US Coast Guard approved including lifejackets, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, signaling devices, EPIRB, and a satellite phone if help is needed.


We offer all top-of-the-line fishing gear and equipment to ensure that you have everything needed for a successful fishing day on the water. It is your responsibility to bring any additional personal items you may want.

Loggerhead Marina - Inlet Harbor

Ponce Inlet, FL

The ‘Change ‘N Latitude’ boat is located at Loggerhead Marina in Inlet Harbor. After a day of fishing or relaxing on the sandbar, you can stop by Off the Hook at Inlet Harbor for a drink at the tiki bar or fresh seafood. They even offer to clean your fish for you so that it’s ready to eat. The venue also hosts live music on most Wednesdays and weekends to enhance the atmosphere.

Captain Hooks Marina & Dive Center

Marathon, FL

When in The Florida Keys, Change ‘N Latitude is conveniently located at Captain Hooks Marina & Dive Center in Marathon, Florida. After a thrilling day of fishing or exploring the islands, you can stop by Captain Hooks Marina for a visit to their on-site store. Discover a wide range of supplies and equipment for your future fishing adventures. Their friendly staff is ready to assist you and provide recommendations.

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